Whole Moulard Duck - 7 lb

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The Moulard Duck (cross of male Muscovy and Pekin female) has abundant and less fibrous meat, with a deep, rich skin that turns brown-golden crispy when cooking. Thanks to the air-chilled process to which they are subjected, we make sure to deliver 100% Duck, as there is no added water or brine to preserve it.


Based in Sullivan County, NY, Bella Bella Foie Gras is one of only three foie gras producers in the United States. Widely renowned for their responsible production practices, Bella Bella is exceedingly gentle with their animals. The ducks are also antibiotic-free and allowed to roam in the farm’s enormous covered sheds.  Instead of using the metal tubes that are customary in traditional gavage practices, Bella Bella feeds their ducks through custom-made plastic tubes. The farm also raises a crossbred Moulard Duck that yields great taste while rendering off less fat than other breeds.