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All meats used are certified antibiotic-free, steroid-free, and free of growth hormones. Game meats are guaranteed to be free range, cage free, or wild with the finest quality ingredients directly from the source.


This unique salami is made using 100% Berkshire Pork meat and 5% Black Truffles that we source from Perigord, France. It is dry-cured, fermented and then aged for three months in a dry room. Keep Refrigerated.


Elk Salami (5.5oz) is made with 100% Certified purebred Berkshire Pork, Red Port Wine, Red Dutch Cacao Powder and Pink Peppercorn. From there it is aged in a dry room for three months. Shelf Stable.


Wild Boar Salami is 100% Texas Wild Boar. Prepared with herbs and wine to give an exceptional complexity and authentic flavor of the Mediterranean. Wild boar boasts a darker, richer color than domestic pork without the typical gamey taste. Shelf Stable.

Soppressata Piccante Salami $11

Our Italian-style Soppressata Piccante Salami (6.5oz) is made using 100% Berkshire pork meat, fermented, dry-cured, and then aged for three months in a dry room. It has a coarse grind natural casing for minimal acidity. The Soppressata Piccante Salami recipe includes fennel, red wine, Grappa, and picante spices.


Italian-style Nostrano salami (5.5oz) is made using 100% Berkshire pork meat. It is dry cured, fermented for 48 hours, and then aged in a dry-room for three months. Berkshire pork, Black Peppercorn, and red wine. Shelf Stable.

What’s the white stuff? Sometimes white salt crystallization appears on salumi of small diameter and
natural casing. This crystallization is NOT mold. When the natural pork casing products are very dry and
very cold, the natural casing sometimes becomes white. This is a crystalline formation of salt, milk, and
sugar which especially occurs in winter, or when storage is colder. This formation will disappear if the salami is left at room temperature for 24hrs.

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    Truffle Salumi

    Posted by Maria Swanson on 7th Jul 2020

    Lovely for a light summer meal with cheese and glass of wine. I would like a heavier truffle flavor, but that's only my taste.