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New York

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Salumeria Biellese has been making fresh sausages and salumi since 1925. As descendants from the Province of Biella in Italy's Piedmont region, they feature Old World Style Italian and Mediterranean products with an emphasis on quality and flavor. Generations have passed, but their philosophy remains the same.

They use the highest quality ingredients from not only local farms in the Tri-state area, but also select farmers that they have been working with for many years. Pork products feature 100% All-Natural Berkshire Hogs. This breed's delicate flavors are a beautiful match with the family's heirloom spice recipes. As well as being socially responsible, they are committed to bringing customers the most authentic and flavorful products possible.

New York 1925: The subway cost a nickel to ride, the city was in the grip of a heatwave, the New York Giants played their first football game and two gentlemen from the Northern Italian Province of Biella decided to open shop in Hell’s Kitchen.

Using traditional skills and old-world recipes, they set about offering New York’s rapidly growing population delicious Italian and Mediterranean salumi with an emphasis on quality and flavor. Decades and generations have passed, the subway costs a little more for sure, but their philosophy and principles of offering the highest quality artisanal products remain the same.

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