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There are strict guidelines for raising Sakura Wagyu Cattle, and acute attention every step of the way, from the last trimester of the cow’s pregnancy, to 30 months later when they are ready for market. Farmer partners must follow protocols on weaning, how long to creep feed, vaccination schedules, mineral and nutrition content of the diet, even the types of barns in which they are fed!

No shortcuts are taken to make sure that the cattle are raised humanely and in the healthiest way so the product is the finest available.Wagyu beef, as compared to traditional beef, is higher in Omega 3 Fatty acids, an essential good fat, and higher in monounsaturated fat, which is proven to be better for your health than saturated fats.

These healthy fats give the beef a buttery flavor that lingers on the pallet. Sakura Wagyu Farms’ mission is to produce the highest quality American Wagyu Beef, while taking a holistic approach. They value honesty and integrity and embrace long-term relationships within local communities.

In 2017, the owners of Sakura Wagyu Farms brought together some of the most experienced individuals in genetics, cow-calf production, nutrition, and feeding for the best marbling, marketing, and distribution - and started their company. They naturally raise Wagyu-Angus cross cattle in the heartland of Ohio. Cattle are fed an all-vegetarian diet - slowly, for more than 400 days. The cattle are raised without the use of growth stimulants, free of antibiotics, and they produce some of the most beautifully marbled beef you will ever see!

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