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In Greek Phileos means ‘lover of oil’ and the quality of this EVOO justifies its name. It is harvested, extracted and bottled in the olive groves of Molaoi, Laconia that carry the Protected Geographical Indication of Laconia. The olives from the famous Koroneiki and Athinolia varieties are extracted as soon as they're harvested. Their precious extract is packed under strict conditions that have earned this EVOO awards and certificates of excellent quality.

Harvested and extracted by award-winning local co-op KASELL SA. Product of cold extraction. Single origin harvest. Mild, fruity taste. Non GMO Project Verified. Certified Kosher. Very rich in polyphenols.

Awards: NYIOOC World Olive Oil Competition: 2020 Silver Award Winner, 2017 Gold Award Winner, 2018 Quality Silver Award winner at the London IOOC, 2019 Silver Standard of Excellence at the Olympia Health and Nutrition Awards

These olives have been grown in Laconia for thousands of years in fertile, organic soils by a co-op of farmers who hand pick the olives before cold extracting the pure olive juice, packaging it in recyclable, airtight tins to maintain the premium quality before transport.

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