Pennsylvania Cheese Share

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A variety of fresh cheeses delivered straight to your door!

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 4 different cheeses from 4 different PA creameries...

Delivered right to your door!

Four handcrafted farmstead cheeses from four different expert creameries and a surprise gift to complete your charcuterie board! All made from the raw milk of happy animals, raised with love and kindness, on Pennsylvania pastures.

No additives or preservatives are used in the production of these cheeses, which are made from the milk of animals that are rBST and antibiotic FREE.

Pastured creamy goodness at it’s finest.

 Creameries we work with include but are not limited to Doe Run Dairy, Alpine Heritage Creamery, Otterbein Acres, Misty Creek Goat Farm, Goat Rodeo Dairy, Valley Milkhouse Creamery, Birchrun Hills and more.