Pecan Cranberry Bread - 1 loaf

Please allow 3 days lead time

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Pecan Cranberry Loaf 

Loaded with more than half a pound of tart dried cranberries and
toasted pecans, all held together by a small amount of naturally
leavened bread. The result is a complex, dense bread with an intense
crust, and a flavor that is first rich and nutty, quickly followed
by the chewy sweetness and surprising tang of the cranberries and

Each slice of our Pecan Cranberry brings a new pattern of
fruit and nuts, but is consistently crusty on the outside and chewy
on the inside. This dense delicacy is best when served fresh, warm,
and smothered in butter, but we also recommend it for breakfast french
toast, with creamy goat cheese, fruit preserves, or as the base for a
turkey sandwich.

Mediterra Bakehouse