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Lancaster Co., PA

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George Weaver Sr. originally developed an egg business company on the family’s farm in Pennsylvania over fifty years ago. All the eggs were produced directly on the family farm. In 1962 George Sr. began selling to supermarkets in nearby cities.

With demand growing, this arrangement proved insufficient with only a single flock. George Sr. soon recruited other local farmers to join him in the venture. The retail stores loved the arrangement as they were able to provide fresh farm eggs on the shelves for their consumers.

In 1985, George Weaver Jr., the second generation egg enthusiast, took over the family trade and entered the premium egg business. George Jr. saw the demand for organic products rising and decided to venture into a new category. The ultimate goal was to offer a value-added egg to his customers. One that was richer, better, and more nutritious through it’s creation rather than additives.

Soon, the cage-free movement began and in 1994 the company became certified organic. Time passed and as demand grew the family decided that it was time for a unique brand. In 2000, Nature’s Yoke was launched, committed to bringing quality farm fresh eggs, produced on small family farms, to the tables of others.

The chickens at Nature's Yoke roam free on grassy pastures, peck and scratch like hens should, and sometimes get into squabbles (just like people). Of course, they have all the room they need to come to a peaceful solution. Each of their chickens has 110 square feet of space to spread their wings. That’s two square feet above the industry standard. This all-natural feed and environment means that pasture raised hens are healthier – and their eggs are too.

Pennsylvania State University proved it: Researchers found that one egg from a pasture-raised hen contains 2x omega-3 fat, 3x more vitamin D, 4x more vitamin E, and 7x more beta-carotene than one egg from a hen raised on traditional feed. This free-to-flourish lifestyle is why pasture raised egg yolks are so beautifully amber.

Nature’s Yoke strives to bring fresh organic, free-range, and pasture raised eggs to your table. The family has been producing eggs for over three generations and are continually committed towards high-quality products and honest business practices. Through small, sustainable family farms they seek to establish a community of producers who take pride in their livestock and product. They believe that the hens should have happy lives and freedom to move and explore.

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