Micro Beef Shares


No need to buy the whole cow, just buy a Micro Share!


Typically, buying beef directly from the farm is limited to individual cuts at retail prices - or purchased by the quarter, half, or whole animal at a bulk discount...  but bulk beef takes up a lot of space! It's hundreds of pounds of meat, and $100's to $1,000's for the quarter, half, or whole animal respectively.

Our solution is easy and affordable for everyone!

With our partners at Warrington Farms we provide micro portioned whole animal shares from a single outstanding source. These shares are perfect for anyone with limited freezer space that wants high quality, fresh cut beef from one animal. Our Micro Shares consist of various cuts in several options that are priced for anyone and designed to fit in nearly any home kitchen refrigerator/freezer.



These whole beef shares are limited to what we can allocate from one animal.  Our system amounts to 80 shares across 4 options.


Once all available shares are sold we will open up the next round of whole beef shares for pre-order.


Micro Share Selection

Choose the share below that works best for you. You can mix and match shares or buy multiples of the same share.  For a description of all cuts please refer to the diagram below:



$8.50 / pound

$68.00 / Share

Only 15 Shares

available per whole beef


6ea - 8oz Steaks*

1ea - Premium Roast*

1ea - Specialty Cut*

2ea - 1lb Ground Beef


approx. 8lbs total

*More Details available below




$7.00 / pound

$49.00 / Share

Only 20 Shares

available per whole beef


2ea - 8oz Steaks*

2ea - 1lb Ground Beef

4lbs Rancher's Choice*


approx. 7lbs total

*More Details available below




$6.25 / pound

$37.50 / Share

Only 20 Shares

available per whole beef


3ea - 1lb Ground Beef

3lbs Rancher's Choice*


approx. 6lbs total

*More Details available below


Micro Share


$5.50 / pound

$27.50 / Share

Only 25 Shares

available per whole beef


5lbs Rancher's Choice*


approx. 5lbs total

*More Details available below


Bones and/or Offal Share


$2.50 / pound

$10.00 / Share

Only 4 Shares

available per whole beef

2 lbs Soup Bones*

2-3lbs of Offal*


approx. 2-5 lbs total

*More Details available below


Warrington Farms located in York County, PA

The Best grass makes for the Best Beef!


Warrington farms is located in York county, Pennsylvania. York county is mostly rural and covered in grassy pasture lands with lots of spring fed streams. It's the perfect place to raise rumen animals.  The animals graze on the lush rolling pasture located just south of Dillsburg, PA.


The well fed herd of about 900 beef cattle receives supplemental grains grown on the farm property in addition to an abundant supply of grass. Warrington Farms pasture sprawls over a couple thousand acres. The exceptional living conditions that the cattle are provided, coupled with expert husbandry practices make for exceptionally delicious, well marbled beef that is packed with outstanding flavor!

USDA Licensed Butchers

Warrington Farm Meats operates out of a state-of-the-art facility just minutes from the farm.  All of the beef cattle that are harvested are aged to perfection before being processed.  The expertly cut and portioned pieces of meat are vacuum sealed in packaging that is designed to preserve quality and freshness for long term storage.


*Specific Cut Descriptions


Rancher's Choice

This is a term that we developed to specify that the choice of cuts included will vary based on availability.  Some examples may include: 

- 1lb Stew Meat

- 2-3lb Roast Cut

- 1lb Shaved Steak

- 1lb Ground Beef


Steaks (8-10oz cut)

- Rib Steak (aka Bone In Ribeye)

- NY Strip

- Flat Iron

- Filet


Premium Roast (2-3lb)

- Brisket

- Chuck

- London Broil

- Top Sirloin

- Tri Tip

- Ox Tail


Specialty Cut 

- Flank Steak

- Skirt Steak

- Hanger Steak

- Sirloin Steak 


Ground Beef (1lb per package)

- 80% lean / 20% fat 


Soup Bones (2-3 inch pieces)

- Marrow Bones

- Knuckle Bones


Offal (2-3lb each - liver is portioned, everything else is whole)

- Heart

- Liver

- Tongue