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Wild Purveyors was founded in 2009 by brothers Tom and Cavan Patterson. Their passion for the great outdoors and their love of exceptional foods lead them on a path to discovering a bridge between the greatest bounty that the wilds have to offer and the best hands in the food industry. Over the years, the business has evolved quite a bit from its simple beginnings. Today, it supplies Pittsburgh's restaurant industry and grocers with wild, exotic, and seasonal foods, in addition to regionally sourced foods from exceptional farmers and outstanding producers. 

In their humble beginnings, they would cruse through the forests, the mountains, and over the hills of western PA in search of wild mushrooms. Both on foot and from the grey Jeep Cherokee that it all started in, many miles were covered on the hunt for seasonal mushrooms. These adventures lead to great bounties and great knowledge of the agricultural expanses of Pennsylvania.

One blistering July morning in 2006, drenched in sweat, the two young men found their greatest bounty to date. A vast bloom of chanterelle mushrooms across the forest floor. After some deliberation and a few phone calls to friends working in restaurant kitchens, all the mushrooms were harvested and sold that same day. With the cash earned and the contacts gained that fateful day, Wild Purveyors was born.