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Standing on Market Street and watching cattle being driven to the butcher shop would not have been an usual sight in 1875 in Elizabethtown. Driving their cattle to town was the only way Joseph and John Groff had to supply their newly purchased butcher shop with fresh beef from their farm north of town.

Keeping their beef cold was another problem which needed to be solved. Since there was a pond on the farm, every winter Joseph and John cut the ice in blocks, brought it to town, and packed it in sawdust in the ice house behind the butcher shop.

By the time Joseph’s sons Frank and Wilfred took over the business, operations were more efficient. They were able to purchase ice from an ice man to put in their cooler. However, they still drove their cattle to town and continued to use horse and wagons equipped to go from house to house selling beef and pork to the housewives of Elizabethtown. Soon the horse and wagons were traded for a truck to pedal their goods, and an electric saw and slicer were purchased.

Groff’s Meats started to grow after World War II and during the years when it was operated by two of Frank’s children, Joseph and Helen. After the butcher shop was totally demolished by fire, they began a building program, which gave them room to expand their services. After serving retail customers for 112 years in a small store, a new larger building was constructed. They also began to refine and develop recipes for bacon, hams, bologna, ring bologna, pudding, scrapple, etc.

Presently, Groff’s is in the fourth generation of owners. While they no longer saw ice from a pond for their refrigeration, cut meat by hand, or raise their own beef, they have continued with pride the tradition and reputation for fine meat which has been passed to them. Many of their recipes are those which have been handed down from generation to generation.

Groff's Meats is a local butcher shop located in Elizabethtown Pennsylvania and run by the family's fourth generation owners. Groff’s Meats sells retail and wholesale meats including; beef, pork, poultry, deli items, and specialty foods. These include both fresh and smoked meats.

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