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Franklin Sustainable Farms Cooperative was formed in Oct. 2019, after years of growing Certified Organic Produce for another co-op, which closed unexpectedly. Most of these Amish farmers have been growing organic produce for generations and they found themselves without an outlet. So they rallied together and built a new facility with loading docks, packing areas, and a large ice room.

There is no electricity ever used by the Amish so the produce is kept cool with an ice room. The farmers harvest ice from ponds on their land and haul it to the dock by wagon. It's then stacked into the large ice room and provides enough cold air for the perfect temperature to temporarily store the freshly picked produce.

The facility and farms are GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) and Organic Certified. They strive to bring you only top quality produce at reasonable prices while remaining sustainable. Many of these young farmers are now looking to become Organic Certified and join our effort to deliver the freshest produce possible and expand their offerings.

This co-op started in October 2019 in Spring Run, PA but these Amish farmers have been growing organic vegetables for generations. Formerly, most members grew for Tuscarora Organic Growers est. 1988-2019. They grow a variety of produce ranging from Arugula and Pea Shoots, Beets, Rutabagas, and Jerusalem Artichokes. This group of Amish farmers does everything without the aid of modern equipment or technology. Their whole lives revolve around the farm, their land, and their families. They put a lot of care into their products and the quality is undeniable. Certified GAP and Organic.

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