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Nestled on the banks of Neshaminy Creek in historic Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Castle Valley Mill began grinding Bucks County grains in 1730. Built on land that was given to the Meredith family by William Penn, the mill has been known as Grove's Mill, Reed's Mill, and now Castle Valley Mill.

This historic building has witnessed the birth, growth, and advance of our country. With the Industrial Revolution came internal combustion engines and electricity, and slowly, the value of water power diminished, and the buildings fell into disrepair. The property was in poor condition when Mark Fischer's grandfather, Henry Fischer, purchased and restored the property in 1947. A miller from Erlbach, Germany, Henry loved the honest hard work and satisfaction of milling and made Castle Valley his home. His hobby was the on-going repair and restoration of the mill and the milling machinery - a quest that Mark continues to this day.

Henry saved many milling machines and examples of American technology and ingenuity when older mills in Bucks County were being torn down or gutted. From this collection Castle Valley Mill has restored several antique stone mills and processing machines and has put them back in operation. Your support of Castle Valley Mill products will not only please your palette, but contribute to the continuing preservation and restoration of this valuable piece of history.

Located in the heart of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Castle Valley Mill continues to produce the finest stone ground flours, meals, and cleaned whole berry grains. Processed slowly and at cool temperatures on antique buhr mills, the flavor, nutrients, and wholesome goodness of the grain is preserved, and produces exceptional quality foods. When able, they use local Bucks County grains and always grind the grains fresh.

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