About Us

Wild Purveyors is a true to terms Farm to Table food distributor. We source direct from farms and food manufacturers in and around Pennsylvania.

We offer outstanding quality through our partnerships with passionate farmers and food artisans. All of our farm partners exercise the highest level of standards in the foods they grow and produce. Whatever the chosen focus of operation, the farms that we represent all exercise sustainability in their production. From the largest to the smallest, and a wide variety in between, Wild Purveyors works with the best food producers out there.

We have strong focuses on mushrooms, pastured meats, exotic and game meats, certified organic produce, farmstead and artisan cheeses, and regionally sourced artisan foods and non-alcoholic beverages. Some of the most exceptional foods are grown and produced in and around Pennsylvania, and we proudly distribute these foods to restaurants and grocers throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.   

In addition to outstanding farmed foods, we specialize in seasonal wild edible foods which is in large part the source of our name. Learn more about our History here.