About Us

Wild Purveyors is routed all throughout the Mid-Atlantic

We have a well-established network of outstanding small farms, USDA processors, artisan food manufacturers, and licensed wild foragers that we work with to ensure a steady supply of the best foods that our region has to offer through each season of the year.  Maintaining a direct link between our world class farms and food partners, and all our customers both big and small, we are always moving.  Since 2009, we have been a driving force in the 'farm to table' movement, and we have established the routes to keep it growing.  No matter what type of food it is that we offer, we mark them all with a star for their exceptional quality and character! 

Throughout Pennsylvania and surrounding states, our trucks run steady routes making regular stops at our established partners' farms and facilities, picking up fresh food and delivering it straight to our customers.  We created our proven system to ensure that our customers receive their food as fresh as if they had picked it up at the farm themselves.  It is no small feat as it takes a great deal of coordination and effort, but we love every minute of it! 



Regional Farm Partners 

The farmers that we work with range in size from small family vegetable and animal farms, to world class mushroom growers that produce over 1,000,000 lbs of mushrooms per week!  We are situated in the seat of a tremendous agricultural region with exceptional food being grown in some of the richest soil that North America has to offer. These farmers have heritage, tradition, and expertise that runs deep, and it shows in the quality of food that they produce throughout the seasons. 


The rolling hills that stretch through the region provide the perfect ecosystems to support all types of farming operations. From dairy and meat to seasonal vegetable growers, to mushroom farms, trout hatcheries, and the list goes on... We have built our network by seeking out the best food, and time and again it has led us to the best growers and the best customers!







Artisan Food Producers              

Farmstead cheese and small batch charcuterie are two perfect examples of the level of craftsmanship that exists in our region.  We work with dozens of American Cheese Society winners, and world class producers of cured meats.  


We offer outstanding quality through our partnerships with passionate farmers and food artisans. All of our farm partners exercise the highest level of standards in the foods they grow and produce. Whatever the chosen focus of operation, the farms that we represent all exercise sustainability in their production. From the largest to the smallest, and a wide variety in between, Wild Purveyors works with the best food producers out there.

Exceptional Quality Meats

From pasture raised and organic quality meats, to wild caught and exotic game, we specialize in the best meats and partner with the farms that raise their animals with the most humane and respectful practices.


We have skilled USDA meat processors that cut to specification and process our orders with consistent quality and great care.